Personal Training:
-Individualized Programming To Needs/Goals
-Opportunity For Individual Nutritional Counselling
-Increased Accountability
-Need/Goal Dependent Assessment Available
-Diverse Programming Opportunity

Single Person Without Dinami Monthly Membership: 60/Session
Single Person With Dinami Monthly Membership: 45/Session

Small Group Rates:
-Near Personal Coaching
-Need/Goal Oriented Group Programming
-Scaleable Programming For Each Person
-More Cost Effective Than Personal Training
-Exercise With Friends And Or Family

Additional Participant Without Membership: 30/Session
Additional Participant With Membership: 25/Session

Personalized Programming Rates:
-4 Periodized Weekly Workouts (16 Workouts Per Month)
-Opportunity To Complete Workouts Independent Of Group Schedule
-Increased Exercise Variation Compared To Group Classes
-Includes Gym Membership & Group Classes
-Constant Access To Any Group Class Coach For Assistance
-Optional Discounted Personal Training Sessions For Increased Assistance (3 Sessions/Month)
-More Cost Effective Than Personal Training With Many Of The Benefits

Programming + Membership: 160/Month
Programming + 3 Personal Training Sessions + Membership: 250/Month
A La Carte Personal Training Sessions: 45/Session

Group Classes:
-Most Cost Effective Option Available
-Group Energy And Atmosphere
-Scaleable Programming For Each Person
-Broad Schedule Available
-Well Organized Group Dynamic

Monthly Membership: 150/Month
Note: 200/First Month *Includes 4 Personal Training Sessions

Specialty Classes:
-Flexible Class Times
-Flexible Class Duration
-Flexible Class Cost
-Flexible Class Size