Hybrid Training

New DINAMI Personal Program:

Like most aspects of life, health & fitness is no different. If your sitting still you’re dying. We have never had the desire to just sit back and be content. In an effort to constantly try to be better we are always working on new methods and programs. The Hybrid program is designed to narrowly focus on the exact goals and needs of the individual. The beauty of it is… it will be there if you want it, and if you don’t, nothing changes. It can be flipped on and off on a monthly basis as wants or needs change. The program will consist of an initial consultation between you and one of the trainers. At that time you will discuss very specific training goals so that the program designed can be structured specifically for your needs. During the month or months in the program you will be given 16 days of programming (4/week) and 3 one hour personal training sessions per month. The 3 one-on-one sessions can be used for movement analysis, actual training, or nutrition analysis/questions/counsel. Or any combination of the three. Also included will be the regular unlimited group class membership and participation. The cost for this program will be $250/mo. Just the 3 personal training sessions alone are a $180 value and that doesn’t even touch on the 16 personal programs or the unlimited classes. We have a well educated and very knowledgable staff when it comes to Health & Fitness. All are full time Health and fitness Professionals. They have dedicated a great deal of time, energy, & study into what they do. Far and above many in the industry.

Note: Same program without the 3 Personal Training Sessions: $160/mo