Dinami December

Dinami December

We have a health crisis in this country. The crisis is well documented from so many angles whether it be chronic disease, obesity, or health care costs. They all may not have a simple solution, however, they do have a simple connection. The problem is we have become a society that moves less and eats more. In some ways, as human beings, it’s not our fault. As society and technology have evolved our daily life at work and home doesn’t necessitate a fraction of the work it did in days past. In addition, the amount of food sources available to most on a daily basis are endless. In the past we had to be active and eat to survive because life depended on it. Now those things are daily choices. Choices far too many fail to put any importance in.

So what’s the solution?
The solution is choice! We all have the ability to take less medication, see the doctor less, be in less pain, and ultimately…be happier. All that can be achieved by anyone by simply making a choice every morning. A choice to spend one hour being active and a choice to give the body what it needs each day, not necessarily what it wants. That’s not to say that vacation and Birthday cake are off the table. However, those moments should be vacation and Birthday cake. Not “a fairly frequent routine”!

I can’t afford it?
Does belonging to a gym and buying/eating healthy food have a cost. Absolutely it does. So does spending $5 ($150/mo) every morning at Starbucks. Im not knocking coffee. I love my daily coffee. All I’m saying is it’s about choice. If you have to pick between one. Which is more important in the long run. Which is going to help you feel full of life in your 50s, 60s, & 70s and which is just going to taste good for the 5 minutes it was going down. That brings me to another thought that I remind myself of often. When making the choice between something you need and something you want, remember the gratification you get from the want is only about as long as it takes to swallow. However, the long term effect of choosing the need lasts a lifetime.

I love waking up and working out!
False!!!! I love the benefits of it and the rest of the day feeling it leaves me with but when that alarm goes off I curse the air I’m breathing. So you just have to frickin do it!!!

Hope some of this hits home….

Peace Out

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